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The Dental Bridge Procedure

Our Newmarket dentists use dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Here, our dentists explain what a dental bridge is and what the procedure entails.

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Your Child’s First Dental Cleaning: What to Expect

According to our Newmarket dentists, here is what you may anticipate from your child's first dental cleaning.

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Recovering from a Dental Crown Procedure

Our Newmarket dentists describe what you can expect during your recovery from a dental crown procedure.

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10 Oral Hygiene Tips

Preventive oral hygiene, including flossing and brushing, alongside regular visits to your dentist's office, can help you to maintain your oral health. Here, our Newmarket dentists share their best oral hygiene tips.

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Dental Crown Procedures: What To Expect

Dental crowns are restorative dental treatments that can help to reinforce the strength change the appearance and improve the function of a discoloured, damaged or decayed tooth.

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Types of Dental Cleanings

By knowing the different kinds of dental cleanings, you will be able to talk to your dentist more effectively and maintain optimal oral health. Here, our Newmarket dentists explain what happens during the different types of dental cleanings.

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Can Children Get Gum Disease?

While gum disease is a common condition among adults in Canada, children can also develop it. In this blog, our Newmarket dentists share the common causes of gum disease in children as well as ways to prevent it.

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5 Common Myths About Flossing

Dentists recommend flossing once a day and brushing twice a day. But there are many myths being spread about flossing, and our Newmarket dentists debunk some of them here today.

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Dental Crowns & Bridges for Missing Teeth

Have you recently lost a tooth? Your dentist might suggest getting dental crowns or dental bridges. Here, our Newmarket dentists share the differences between both options and what you can expect from these tooth replacements.

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How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

It's very important for your oral and overall health to properly take care of your teeth and gums. In this blog, our Newmarket dentists share a list of 10 tips and tricks for keeping your mouth happy and healthy.

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